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Ace Birdproofing Solutions Ltd

You can now protect your business or property against "loss" caused by the unwanted attention of urban bird pests

Do urban bird pests...

  • Deface your buildings or signage?
  • Leave their guano (excreta), feathers or nesting materials on your building ledges, roofs or signage?
  • Foul your air conditioners and put the health of your staff, tenants, customers at risk?
  • Cause you to spend your profits to clean up their mess – perhaps on a daily basis where they foul public areas?
  • Are you involved in the "food chain" as a grower, manufacturer, exporter, in storage or freight, transport, cold storage or distribution business?
  • Do you need to provide or specify sound bird proofing options for your clients?

This web site will open up the many possible bird proofing solutions for you...

Ace Birdproofing Solutions Ltd carry out varied and exciting structural bird proofing work throughout New Zealand. We work with architects and engineers, property managers, facilities managers, building owners and with building construction companies - providing products, techniques, installation and services for environmentally sound bird proofing solutions within urban business environments.

This web site is designed to allow you to quickly reach the products or services which most interest you. Just complete the few details on our Contact page to receive our personal and prompt attention with "solutions" for you to consider.